Why Become a Member ?


Recently, The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) alerted the public to the status of wild Atlantic salmon. It is not good. The salmon of some Maritime rivers have already been listed as endangered with more likely to be placed on the Species at Risk List in the near future. Something must be done to prevent this iconic species from disappearing from our rivers. We need organizations and individuals to come together and work for that cause. Joining WSU will provide you the opportunity to do just that. So, please go to our membership page sign up and help us. Your membership is tax deductible.

Being a member of WSU will:

Provide you a platform to have your voice heard about wild Atlantic salmon.

Give you an opportunity to work with other like-minded people to help restore our salmon.

Provide you with a sense of environmental stewardship and satisfaction knowing that you are helping save Atlantic salmon and providing it an opportunity to thrive.


Membership Options


Member: $5

A junior member is a WSU member under the age of 18 years.

Member: $15

An affiliate member is a member who belongs to an affiliate organization of WSU and joins WSU as an individual member.

Member: $30

A regular member is one who pays the small yearly fee of $30 to help WSU with its administrative costs as it fights to save wild Atlantic salmon.

Sustaining Member: $112.50

A sustaining member is a member who purchases 25 smolts through the smolt fund. The cost of this membership category will change yearly as the cost of smolts changes.


A founding member is a member who by paying the $200 membership fee is exempt from paying membership fees for a three year period and receive a complimentary WSU hat that, will note on one side, their "Founding Member" status. This category of membership was developed to provide seed money for this new organization and will soon end.

Affiliate Organization Member:

An affiliate organization is one that has similar goals as WSU and joins to lend support for WSU’s work.


A corporate member is a corporation, or other business, that contributes $1000 per year on behalf of its employees to help with WSU’s operating costs


A patron is a person, corporation or other organization who makes this contribution to help WSU achieve its long-term goals.