How you can help WSU

Imagine a world without Wild Atlantic Salmon.  Well, it is almost here.   Eventually, the salmon of all rivers could be listed as endangered.  Some already have.  If we don’t all act “NOW” this trend will be irreversible. Time is of the essence.  So, please help us save this iconic species by choosing a donation option below.  Large or small it all helps and it is tax deductible.  Thank you.

Become a Member


  • Provide you a platform to have your voice heard about wild Atlantic salmon.
  • Give you an opportunity to work with other like-minded people to help restore our salmon.
  • Provide you with a sense of environmental stewardship and satisfaction knowing that you are helping save Atlantic salmon and providing it an opportunity to thrive.

Contribute to the Smolt Fund

WHAT IS A SMOLT? A smolt is the silver- sided fish that is the fifth stage of development from egg to an adult Atlantic salmon.  At this stage, the fish undergoes significant physiological changes that enables it to adapt to living in a salt-water environment.  If it survives for a year at sea, it may return to its river of origin as a sexually mature grilse.   It could stay at sea longer and return as a multi-sea winter fish.

THE SMOLT FUND is a money reservoir set aside, specifically, for use by WSU to purchase Smolts.

How you can Contribute

Individual Smolt purchase

Smolts can also be purchased individually at $4.50 each.

A Sustaining Membership provides a unique option to contribute directly to this cause. This contribution provides funds for the purchase of 25 smolts and a Sustaining Membership for the year the contribution is made.

The contribution is tax deductible. 

Due to market influences the cost of smolts will change yearly.

General Donation

Something must be done to prevent this iconic species from disappearing from our rivers. We need organizations and individuals to come together and work for that cause. Your Donation to WSU will provide you the opportunity to do just that.