Cape Breton Links

Canadian Weather Office, Hydrometric data on the river
This site provides public access to real-time hydrometric data collected at over 1800 locations and access to historical data collected at over 7600 stations (active and discontinued) in Canada.

Canadian Weather Office, N.E. Margaree
View Current Weather

Cheticamp River Association
The Chéticamp River Salmon Association (CRSA) is a small, not-for-profit organization with a track record of community-based stewardship within the Chéticamp River watershed.

Margaree Lake Ainsle Heritage River System
The Northeast Margaree rises on the plateau of the rugged Cape Breton Highlands, while the Southwest Margaree slips and slides out of Lake Ainslie, the largest natural lake in Nova Scotia.

Margaree Salmon Association
The Margaree Salmon Association, established in 1982, is a volunteer, non-profit organization, dedicated to the conservation, protection and enhancement of Atlantic salmon, trout and their habitat.

Margaree Salmon Museum
The Margaree River, world famous for its salmon, runs through rural valleys and hills that are a dream come true for photographers, artists, and outdoorsmen.

Margaree Tourism Association
Margaree: the way vacations can be... If you love the "thrill of the hunt" in big-box stores, crave the hustle and flow of big-city life, or need to see the latest film at the local megaplex, then Margaree is NOT for you.

Nova Scotia Links

Cobequid Salmon Association
Release of mature Atlantic salmon (of Stewiacke River, NS origin) from the live gene bank to contribute to the recovery of the Inner Bay of Fundy salmon population.

La Have River Salmon Association
The LaHave River Salmon Association is a non-profit organization dedicated towards the conservation and angling of Atlantic Salmon on the beautiful LaHave River in Nova Scotia Canada.

Nova Scotia Fishing
The most active fishing Discussion Forums, Classifieds, Photo Galleries, Event Calendar & much more!

Nova Scotia Salmon Association
Since 1963, the Nova Scotia Salmon Association has been a leading volunteer organization promoting the wise management and conservation of our wild Atlantic salmon and trout stocks.

Atlantic Region Links

Atlantic Salmon Federation
The latest news and stories about Atlantic salmon and the issues surrounding them.

Miramichi Salmon Association
Celebrating 60 years of Conservation, the Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) works towards the preservation and enhancement of the wild Atlantic salmon, and for the protection of its habitat in the Miramichi watershed.

Salmon Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland
SPAWN was formed in 1979 when anglers recognized a decline in returning salmon.

Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland
Since 1963, the Nova Scotia Salmon Association has been a leading volunteer organization promoting the wise management and conservation of our wild Atlantic salmon and trout stocks.

Government Links

Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Government of Canada activities and initiatives

Canadian Department Of Fisheries And Oceans, Species at Risk Page
Canada's Species at Risk Act (SARA) was created to protect wildlife species at risk, including fish, reptiles, marine mammals and molluscs. Find out what it means for you, especially if you are a commercial fisher, aquaculturist, recreational fisher,

Nova Scotia Department Of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Lake inventory maps, sportfishing guides, event schedule, tackle program, special management areas, licences and regulations.

Nova Scotia's Anglers Handbook, (2016)
Anglers' Handbook and 2016 Summary of Regulations

Equipment Links

Pieroway Rod Company - Master rod builder and lifelong angler - Geoff Pieroway
A rod builder since his early teens Geoff was raised on the island of Newfoundland on Canada’s East Coast.

Spinozarods Custom North American Bamboo Fly Rods by Master Builder Marc Aroner
Headed by master rodmaker Marc Aroner, we craft superior fly rods. While our heritage goes back to bamboo's golden era, our rods are designed for maximum performance for contemporary anglers. The result is a fly rod crafted with uncompromising qualit