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Jul 13/19
Pre - AGM Board meeting & AGM


Wild Salmon Unlimited's Board of Directors met for a pre-AGM meeting on June 29th, 2019.  Eight directors were in attendance including Jim Morrow who was recently appointed to fill a vacant position.  Most of the meeting was in preparation for the AGM which was to follow.  A few items were reviewed as follows:  An update on the Beaver Brook situation on Middle River was presented by Chuck Thompson.  At present, everyone is waiting for Adopt-A-Stream personnel to come and review the situation again. Once that's done WSU will evaluate the results and may proceed  on the recommendations depending on cost.

Geoff Nishi reported that the work carried out on the Graham's river was successful and little remedial work or maintenance was required this year.  Brood stock collection may be extended to November this year but there maybe a problem with space at the Margaree hatchery.  Leonard Forsyth was to investigate other places for rearing space availability..

A discussion on the nominations for the AGM ensued with all current BODs members willing to stay for another term except president Wall who indicated he will only stay one more year. Two new directors have indicated they will let their names stand.  Jim Morrow and Don MacLean.

The meeting was then adjourned.

The 2019 AGM began at 14:00 in the same location as the BOD meeting - St. Patrick's Parish Hall in NE Margaree.  President Wall opened the meeting with a moment of silence for departed members and particularly remembered current Board member Peter Hill who is very ill in Baddeck hospital.

Wall made some opening remarks that were primarily directed to the dire world-wide situation regarding salmon and other species that were no doubt being affected by climate change. He also reminded the attendees that the study, referred to as the Jenk's report,  funded by WSU on stock enhancement, was complete.  It, and many other scientific studies, he said, were very negative on hatchery raised fish.  

Reports were made on Beaver Brook, as above,  as well as on a new initiative on the SW Mabou river being carried out by the Inverness South Angler's Association (ISAA), with funding provided by several partners including WSU.  Geoff Nishi, the reporting director, said a new field technician has been hired to carry out their own studies on the river.

Joel Robinson identified all directors whose terms had expired and announced the two new directors: Jim Morrow and Don MacLean.  All current directors re-offered and all, including the new directors were elected to the Board. 

The Board attempted to get an auditor from the attendees and were unsuccessful so two directors will carry out that task this year.

There being no new business, Wall introduced the guest speaker: Allan Ledgerwood, who spoke on the need to become more active in advocacy.  Following the speaker, several door prizes were drawn and everyone enjoyed refreshments.  Another year gone by.