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Jun 13/19
Board meeting


At a Board of Directors meeting on May 31st all attendees took a moment to wish Peter Hill a speedy recovery from a long illness. Following that, new business was addressed.  The chair reported that 3 members, including he, attended a meeting with Dave Cameron and Geoff Nishi of ISAA to discuss their project progress and to have them sign a WSU contract for the up-coming new project that WSU will fund to the tune of $50, 000.

Chuck Thompson then brought the Board up-to-date on the situation on Beaver Brook, a tributary  of the Middle River.  At present there is no fish passage up this important brook.  WSU agreed to fund an assessment of the brook by consultant Charles MacInnis.  We will cover his travel and per diem expenses.  Further to that, Chuck is to contact UINR personnel to ascertain their interest in helping fund a fix, if it is feasible, following MacInnis's assessment.

Geoff Nishi gave a detailed report on Graham's river.  Unfortunately, although many salmon were observed in the river, they came too late for capture to obtain eggs and therefore no fry or parr will be available for stocking next year.  This year (2019) 3500 parr were released.  Geoff requested WSU's help with providing fishing gear for the ISAA's annual fishing derby.  Two hundred fifty dollars was approved for this purpose.

Jim Morrow from Middle River was appointed interim director to fill the vacancy left when Cliff Boudreau resigned.  He will be formally elected at the AGM.

Finally, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Wild Salmon Unlimited (WSU) will be held on June 29th at 14:00 in St. Patrick's Parish Hall, NE Margaree.  A Board meeting will take place prior to the AGM at 12:30 .