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Our Projects

Aug 13/16
Inverness South Angler's Association

Work on the Graham's river project is progressing better than expected.  Eighteen rock structures, deflectors and groins, extending 600 meters, have been installed.  This work will break up continuous rapidly flowing stretches of river and create a meandering segment that will provide holding areas for fish. Next week planing for hand built stone structures downstream from Campbell's bridge will take place.  Debris blockages that will require machine work will be mapped and the logistics to address them will begin.  A massive beaver dam upstream from the Route 19 bridge will be removed.

A thermograph has been installed at Campbell's bridge.   It  will collect temperature data and provide it to the Atlantic salmon rivers temperature database.  This data will track changes and trends throughout all of Canada's Atlantic salmon waterways.

A team from UNIR, lead by Emma Garden, will begin work this coming week to select a site for the annual CABIN data collection, data that will provide an annual snapshot  of invertebrate food source diversity and the health of the aquatic environment.  

Kudos to Geoff Nishi and David Cameron of the Inverness South Angler's Association for their efforts in spearheading this continuing project.