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Mar 04/19
January Board Meeting

Due to many issues this posting is rather late, however, the Board met on January 25th, 2019 at the offices of the Margaree Salmon Association in the Cranton Crossroads Community Center in NE Margaree.  The major topic of discussion was ISAA's new proposal with respect to the SW Mabou River.  It was concluded that this project, if funded, must meet all the criteria outlined in WSU's project policy. That includes a yearly report on the project progress be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval..

Nominations for Board positions were discussed with one new name coming forward for approval at the AGM.  It was also noted that all executive positions will need to be filled following that meeting.

Fundraising was discussed at length with the chair of that committee suggesting we put together a short audio-visual to outline what we are doing, for example with ISAA. The purpose: to show and educate our current and potential supporters.

Beaver Brook, a tributary of the Middle River, needs attention to address upstream fish passage.  Two directors will contact a contractor to review the situation and report back to the next BOD meeting.

The Seth Jenks report was discussed at length.  The outcome was to have the president and two directors hold a conference call with Megan Bailey, and others in her office,  to outline our concerns with respect to its contents and come to a conclusion as to the required corrections and eventual public release..